Infinity Economics

Infinity Economics
I would like to introduce you to Infinity Economics (XIN)

Infinity Economics is DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). XIN is the cryptocurrency of the Infinity Economics platform. It is a decentralized platform for digital economics that allows comprehensive rendering of services based on blockchain technology.
The platform code is based on the NXT blockchain code, but it is more advanced and still being developed. Blockchain, which is the core of our platform is scalable, which means, among other things, that we can adapt the size of blocks and the speed of their generation to the needs, i.e. at any time we have the opportunity to increase its efficiency. Initial performance (current) is able to handle the current Bitcoin or Ethereum traffic.
The platform has many extremely useful in the world blockchain functions, which so many do not have virtually none of the cryptocurrencies known to us, and which I will try to list and describe below:
- SMART CONTRACTS - are one of the most innovative new blockchain tools improved by IE with many additional features. It is a tool that allowed you to find the Ethereum cryptographic in the position it currently deals with.
- CURRENCIES - advanced functionality enabling the emission of new tokens / cryptocurrencies with the possibility of immediate trading on a decentralized internal stock exchange.
- CROWDFUNDING - decentralized fundraising combined with the issuance of a new token.
- ESCROW - secure settlements between contractors, deposit, conditional transactions.
- SHUFFLING - anonymous transactions.
- SIDECHAIN ​​(side chain) will allow direct, costless exchange of another cryptocurrency on XIN, or XIN on another cryptocurrency. In addition, you will be able to trade with Asset assets or tokens in a few seconds.
 - MOBILE PAYMENT APPLICATIONS (OptimusWay), which now enable us to pay in real restaurants or other points accepting XIN cryptocurrency payments (IE-local)
- FULLY DECENTRALIZED BLOCKCHAIN ​​so-called DAO - no other crypto is as decentralized as XIN. He is referred to as the real DAO, in which the community plays a central role through a system of democratic voting.
 - VOTING - possibility of voting over other additional functions implemented by the IE Foundation
- TRADE IN ASSETS (Asset Trading) - creation and trading of digital shares / values.
 - ASSETS - the ability to buy shares gives us in the near future the possibility of paying out dividends, the size of which will only increase due to the growing interest in the project. It can be said that this is the equivalent of an excavator but this excavator never gets old / break down and the difficulty of mining does not increase but decreases, because the more people use XIN, the more frequent dividend payments are
- sending encrypted messages
the ability to buy XIN in free-standing machines
 Who would today know about blockchain technology, if not for Bitcoin, arousing so much emotion as a practical example of using this technology in such a money-bearing issue that touches everyone. Bitcoin rubbed the road and showed that it was possible, or even necessary, that it was time for decentralized digital economy.
Infinity Economics is the next step in this transformation. Infinity Economics is not only the currency of XIN, it is a whole decentralized platform for decentralized digital economy with the implementation of basic economic mechanisms built into the blockchain, available to everyone!

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